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Fear of returning from Ebola affected regions back to Europe / Germany

It might be in the far future, but every now and then the thought pops up:

  • How will friends and family react when I return?
  • Will they avoid me?
  • Will they tell me made-up stories in order to prevent a meeting?
  • Will my family count-down the days and only welcome me after 21 have past?
  • And what is my own position?
  • Am I a risk for my family?
  • Should I avoid contact on my own initiative to protect my loved ones?
  • Should I put myself in quarantine for 21 days?

Reports from others show, the reactions are mixed. And this is also what I expect to encounter in my own environment. Initially I had planned to participate in a yoga retreat in March. But could I do so now? Could I carry the responsibility? Body contact, after sweat drenching exercise, is unavoidable. Should I keep my duty station secret? Even lie?

I say it straight forward: I haven’t done my decision yet. You might think I’m a bad person and that I’m knowingly put others at risk. But the facts are on my side: Only after developing signs of a sickness, an Ebola patient becomes contagious. As long as you keep certain procedures and keep up regular monitoring, measure your temperature and observe suspicious symptoms, there is practically no risk for your contact group.

However, doubts remain. How can I act responsible and avoid spending my annual leave in self-made quarantine at the same time?

This article is my translation of the original German post.

Julia Broska

Julia arbeitet für die Welthungerhilfe im Projektmanagement in Sierra Leone. Sie beschreibt in diesem Blog ihre persönlichen Eindrücke. Ihre Meinung muss sich nicht mit der der Welthungerhilfe decken. Bevor Julia nach Sierra Leone kam war sie in Nord Korea im Einsatz. Sie schreibt auch Artikel für den offiziellen Blog der Welthungerhilfe

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